Thursday, July 14, 2005

There's No Place Like Home

Phew! It has been a whirlwind two weeks. Where shall I begin?

Well, I am officially a SAHM. My last day at work was odd, but in a good way. I keep likening it to graduating high school or college: on one hand, I was really excited about what lay ahead, but on the other hand, I was definitely nostalgic for what I was leaving behind. My team had a little party for me and all said some really nice things. I am leaving a great set of colleagues who I certainly admire and respect. I know that even if I do go back to work one day, I'll never encounter a group of people like this again.

So, the day after my last day of work, my husband, daughter and I all boarded a plane to go back East for a week. We had a great time celebrating July 4th and my mom's 60th birthday. We spent much of the week at the Jersey shore which was Sofia's introduction to the beach. She loved the water, but wasn't sure about the sand. And, the boardwalk was her "scene" -- as we strolled down the boardwalk, she waved at all the other kids to strolled or walked by her. It was hilarious!

It's funny, but I really think that on this trip she turned the corner from infanthood to toddlerhood. All of a sudden, her cognitive skills have transformed and she is able to grasp so many new concepts. Now when I mention the name of objects like her froggie or her brush, or her bottle, she knows what I am talking about. She now knows where her toes are and can give me kisses. It's amazing how suddenly she has evolved into a toddler. And, it's daunting -- don't blink because you *will* miss something.

I also got to spend some me-time while we were away. I left Sofia with her grandparents (my hubbie had already come back home to CA) and spent the weekend in NYC with my girlfriends from college. What a blast! Not only was it fantastic to shed the mommy/wife roles for a little while and be just a single girl again, but it was so wonderful to re-connect with five amazing friends. These women are all so special in their own ways. They're lawyers, execs, moms, wives, living in Boston, NY, Austin, and Nashville. Here we are 10+ years removed from college, living such different lives and yet when we all come together, it's as if no time has passed at all. We fall into the same comfortable roles we all had when we were 18 years old. Of course the weekend went too quickly, and I am looking forward to another reunion weekend within the next year.

After ten days, Sofia and I finally made it home. She wasn't bad on the plane, but I swear, I will never travel cross-country with daughter and sans husband again. It was just too much work! Try keeping a curious, cranky 11-month old who will not nap occupied in coach for 5+ hours. Arrghh!

So, we finally get home, and I am already to get settled in to my new life and new routine when Sofia develops a fever. Not just any fever, but a HIGH fever -- we're talking more than 104 degrees. If that doesn't shake up a relatively new parent I don't know what will. The heat was just radiating from her and she was soaking both herself and me with her sweat. And there was nothing I could do except just keep her on baby Motrin. I think I have never felt so helpless as a parent. Fortunately, she seems to be on the mend. The fever has broken, and she's just slightly cranky. Welcome to Stay-Home-Momhood, I guess.