Friday, September 08, 2006

Back to School

Well, summer vacations are over and it's back to blogging for me. And off to preschool for S! I can't believe it, but my baby is actually starting school. She has a backpack, a teacher, and a little cubbyhole at school with her name on it. Since it's a co-op, it's back to school for me, too. I will be working there a day a week in the classroom.

It's a great little school with a very close-knit and loyal community. Honestly, at times I joke that we're joining a cult. But, I think it's exactly what we are looking for -- a neighborhood preschool where my daughter can meet lots of other kids in our hometown. Hopefully, these will be the kids with whom she goes off to kindergarten and elementary school.

I know it's only preschool -- it's essentially a two-and-half-hour playdate -- but, I hope she does well. Eventually, I am going to just drop her off and not stay with her -- I hope she does okay with that. And, I hope that she gets along with all of the other kids and makes friends. And, I hope that she follows the rules and doesn't give the teacher too much trouble. Maybe I am just being neurotic first-time mom. I mean, if I am like this when she is going to preschool, what kind of nut am I going to be when she goes to grade school or high school or college?! But, this is really just one of the many rites of passage that are so fraught with parental hopes and prayers for their children. We all want to see our children be happy and successful whether its the first day of preschool or medical school. But neuroses aside, I really am excited about school starting on Tuesday and blogging about our first day.