Friday, May 12, 2006

There Are No Mommy Sick Days

Uggh, S infected me! Whatever she had earlier this week made its way to me. She no longer has a fever, but now has a remnant cough. I now have the fever and the cough. We're quite a pair right now.

She and I are currently curled up on the couch -- I am resorting to Sesame Street as my babysitter of choice right now. Thank God for free Sesame Street on On Demand. I sometimes wonder if using the television to keep her occupied for a while makes me a bad mom. But, honestly, I feel so crappy right now that I can justify it a dozen different ways.

If I had my choice, S and I would stay in our pajamas all day and watch movie after movie. But we actually have a full day planned including a board meeting for me (I am on the board of the local mothers' club -- I know, it's actually big enough to have a board). I am seriously going to be so worthless at it, but I feel obliged to go.

That is one of the toughest things I have found about being a mom. Before S came along, if I wasn't feeling well, I could just stay home and take care of myself. I could work from home if I wanted to, nap all day long if I wanted to, stay in my jammies all day if I wanted to, and never leave the couch if I wanted to. And, then my husband would take care of me when he came home from work. But, now that I have S, there are really no Mommy Sick Days. It doesn't matter that I feel like ass -- S still needs to be changed, fed, played with, monitored to make sure she doesn't harm herself or anyone else, etc. And, she's too young to understand that Mamma isn't feeling well and that she needs to give me a break. I could probably get my mother-in-law over here to give me a hand, but then I would have to deal with her. She already calls me 2,483 times a day. I don't need to have her in my house, too. But, that's the topic of an entirely separate post...

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