Monday, May 08, 2006

There are no stupid questions?

I love the questions I get from my husband when our daughter is sick.

Him: Oh my God, she's burning up. Did you know that?

What I wish I said: Nice detective work, Sherlock. Remember, I am the one who called you at work three hours ago and told you that she had a 102 fever? Oh, and in the course of her crying and clinging to me all afternoon, I was somehow tipped off to her high temperature.

What I actually said: Yeah, I noticed that.

Him: Did you give her medicine?

What I wish I said: No. No I did not. In the time since you left for work this morning I have become a Christian Scientist. So, no, I did not give our feverish, miserable, whining two year old any medicine. She can tough it out.

What I actually said: Um, yeah.

God love him...

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